Flabbergast – The Soul Stealer 6

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Mark’s Commentary:

This page is a milestone in my cartooning career. It was the first page where I penciled it in non-photo blue pencil. I draw the whole page in pencil first (I used to use a mechanical pencil,) then go over the entire page in ink. Then I’d erase the pencil that’s underneath. The erasing would weaken the ink making certain areas lighter than others. I would have to touch up those areas with more ink or with the computer adding another hour or so of work. Now with the non-photo blue pencil, I just pencil it, ink it, scan it, and away we go! The blue doesn’t show up when scanning and the whole page remains in crisp black ink. If you’re an artist I suggest trying different styles and techniques, it’s the best way to grow!

Gobble Gobble to all of you.

Peace & Comics,