Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 44

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  • It is most certainly summer, so spend some time with friends and get in on the bull session with Unlistenable Episode 44!

    The team has returned from the West Coast and is amped to talk about their adventures at E3 2012. We are joined by The Daily games columnist and Unwinnable contributor Sam Machkovech. We talked about the Unwinnable Echo Park house, what we saw, what we liked.

    Brian Taylor says amazing things about Bon Jovi.
    Sam Machkovech opens up about his obsession with Pop Cap’s slot machine games.

    So sit back and relax and enjoy the stories from the road.

    Sam Machkovech  @Machkovech
    Brian Taylor @BrianMTaylor
    Ken Lucas @Kursse
    Stu Horvath @StuHorvath
    Charles Francis Moran VI @japandudegirl

    Music by: Capgun Coup
    These guys were our neighbors at the Echo Park house! Groovy guys, groovy tunes.

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