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Stu Horvath, Brian Taylor and Steve Haske all on the show at the same time. A show for the ages!

This episode is a reunion of Unwinnable GDC 2012 crew. We talk to Unwinnable Editor in Chief Stu Horvath about his recent piece in Wired magazine on Unreal Engine 4. Pittsburgh native Brian Taylor returns to tell us how his life has changed since GDC and what he is looking forward to at E3 2012. Also, for the first time, we are joined by Steve Haske, a freelance writer at EGM, Edge, Unwinnable, OXM, Complex and a columnist at CityArtsNYC.

These three folks, along with Chuck, made up what joking called the crew of the the Unwinnable Submarine. They referred to themselves as such due to the cramped quarters of the hotel. They didn’t actually stay in a submarine.

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Be sure to check out Steve Haske on the A Jumps B Shoots podcast!

Also, This Podcast Contains Spoilers!

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