Flabbergast – Zombie Zombie Mambo 21

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    Mark’s Commentary:

    And so ends the first chapter of Flabbergast. Stax and Lincoln liking cartoons is a direct reference to myself. Eighty-five percent of what I watch is animated, and I am inspired by every bit of it. Stax’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast mainly because I think Belle is a good name for a car. In fact, my favorite movie of all time is The Iron Giant.

    There is a lot in Stax and Lincoln that comes from my life when I was 20. I was a college dropout working at an arts and crafts store. Of course, I’ll explain the connections as they occur in the comic. While creating the second chapter, I was going through some MAJOR changes in my coloring technique. I’ll tell you about it next week as Val and the boys take a “Moonlight Drive.”