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Flabbergast – Zombie Zombie Mambo 4

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    Zombie Zombie Mambo 4

    Mark’s Commentary:

    ZOMBIES!!! Yes, zombies. They seem to be super popular right now. It was Robert Kirkman’s comic The Walking Dead that really made me fall in love with the zombie genre (and it was Tony Moore’s art in Fear Agent that made me pick up The Walking Dead). I remember when I bought the first Walking Dead trade paperback – the comic shop owner told me I would be back for the second and the third volumes. He was right and I’ve been hooked since. It inspired me to do a zombie story of my own, but one that parents/adults can share with their children. I wouldn’t dumb it down or make the zombies less scary – they’d still be the same threat, just drawn in my cartoon style. When I finished drawing this page it just made me smile and say to myself, “Yeah, this is going to be awesome.”

    This page also inspired the design for a top selling shirt of mine pictured below…