Unlistenable Episode 18

  • You’re all doomed!


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    This week the team talks to Unwinnable’s favorite game journalist from Pittsburgh, Brian Taylor!

    Brian Taylor took a trip to Cleveland for the Classic Console and Arcade Gaming show. Check out his piece on Unwinnable about it! 

    Matt Marrone talks about Lose It! He also wrote an article about how this app has helped him with budgeting his calories, through gameafication!

    Is Brian Taylor a werewolf?

    The Unwinnable Bike Ride – will it ever happen?

    Chuck talks about going paddle boating in Verona.

    Matt Marrone talks about the latest Improv Everywhere mp3 experiment!

    Brian Taylor name wrote something in Kill Screen, again.

    Do you care?

    Also, featuring the debut of the first girl ever on the podcast – we have some wrestling talk with Tara.

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    Hosted by:

    Charles Moran, Brian Taylor, Ken Lucas and Don Becker

    Music by: Love Cinema Volume 6, Kursse, Burbis

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