Duncan Jones Announces Next Film, Mute

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Duncan Jones, director of Moon (2009), has announced that his next film will be, you guessed it, a sci-fi flick,  Mute. Described as being “Blade Runner-esque,” the film follows a mute bartender who is in search of his missing girlfriend and will exist in the same universe as Moon.

With the box office success of Source Code (2011) Jones hopes to acquire a bigger budget for Mute. In a recent interview with DIY he states that he hopes to make it, “on a budget where I can afford to do it as I see it in my head.” Source Code was not his script so he appears to be eager to return to his own material.

Also announced was that he has recently taken a trip to New Zealand to visit WETA. If they are going to have anything to do with this new film, this member of Team Unwinnable will be almost as happy as if Sam Rockwell’s character Sam Bell were to make a cameo.


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