Breaking News: Kim Jong-il’s In-Game Tyranny

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  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is a gold farmer! Well, not him directly, but according to the New York Times, a faction of hackers in his employ are responsible for a 24/7 gold farming operation in the popular MMORPG Lineage. Based out of a camp in North China, it is suspected that the $6 million that they have already accumulated over the past two years is being used to support Kim Jong-il’s nuclear program and luxurious lifestyle.

    While gold farming has long been a touchy subject, and sometimes illegal practice, amongst gamers it is incredibly difficult to stop. As the U.S. continues to put sanctions on North Korea it would seem that they are attempting to get as creative as possible with ways to make money. InformationWeek reported that in 2008 the Chinese gold farming market was worth roughly 300 million dollars.

    While a seemingly lucrative business, The Rag wonders if this will work out in Kim Jong-il’s favor and if our next report will feature photographs of him diving headfirst into piles of this money like Scrooge McDuck.


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