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Full Body Shot!

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  • Spoiler-heavy pictures from the set of The Dark Knight Rises circulated the Internet this weekend. Images popped up on Just Jared and Bleeding Cool, with many more posted by a fan via Reddit. Filming is currently under way in Pittsburgh.

    The shots show Tom Hardy as Bane standing atop a desert-camouflaged Tumbler. The world has already seen the mask but this is the first look at a full Bane, and initial reactions are positive. The leather coat and quasi-military outfit definitely betray a mercenary aesthetic and lend something of the post-apocalyptic to Hardy’s character. While not a carbon copy of the villain introduced in the early ’90s, the character is redesigned to fit comfortably into Nolan’s Gotham.

    According to Film Book, Hardy is giving a speech of some sort, most likely post his liquidation of Arkham Asylum. The paper in his hand is not the actor’s lines but a photograph (purportedly of Harvey Dent). For those of you who can’t wait until next summer for any and all things Dark Knight Rises, here’s a video from the shoot:


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