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Flabbergast – Zombie Zombie Mambo 12

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Zombie Zombie Mambo 12

Mark’s Commentary:

Here it is… We know who FLABBERGAST is now. It took me a while to come up with the team name of Flabbergast. I had the symbol already and was working with different names: Science Friction, Novablast, Weird Watch – but I thought Flabbergast sounded the most fun. Of course, I worked Weird Watch into a future storyline. The purple suits the Tezukas wear are a nod to Challengers of the Unknown and the Tezuka name is a nod to the man who greatly inspires my work, Osamu Tezuka. He’s pretty much the Walt Disney of Japan. Never heard of him? I highly recommend Phoenix, Astro Boy and Black Jack. Read the comics or watch the shows – they’re all good.