Attack of the Booth Babes

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  • We went to E3 2011. We saw videogames. We made Booth Babes uncomfortable. We photographed it for your enjoyment. You’re welcome. E3 Booth Babes 01

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    5 thoughts on “Attack of the Booth Babes

    1. Matt Marrone says:

      This is the best thing to ever appear on Unwinnable. No joke. Chuck, you are my hero.

    2. Ian Gonzales says:

      "Why does Jimmy Buffet have game?" Ha! This is great, Chuck!

    3. Don Becker says:

      Oh, man, I can't breathe from trying not to laugh like an idiot at work. Well done, Chuck!

    4. Stu Horvath says:

      "The white Humpty Hump"

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