A brown haired man looks up as if in an expectation. Behind him is a green wallpapered room with framed pictures of bugs and a door. Above his left shoulder is a title card that reads The Franz Kafka VideoGame

The Franz Kafka Videogame Isn’t As Absurd As It Thinks

In the absurdist play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the feuding couple, Martha and George, skirts the thin line between illusion and reality in their marriage. One eventful evening, Martha invited a young couple to their place for some drinks on a whim. The hosts—probably one of the worst pair in the history of theater—then pummel one other verbally in front of their guests, trading increasingly vindictive insults as the couple squirmed at the spectacle. After bickering over a series of incidents involving their son, the evening culminated with George gleefully telling Martha that their child had just died in