April 11, 2013 – Kearny, New Jersey – UNWINNABLE, an industry-leading website specializing in sharp, experiential essays on videogames, film, comics and pulp culture, is today announcing PLAYABLE. This new venture will showcase small videogames developed by a variety of top indie talents and will be available on Unwinnable.com, beginning Summer 2013.

PLAYABLE is an ongoing series of short, experimental indie experiences from critically acclaimed and creative developers. Its goal is to expand and illuminate the process of what making a game is really like. Each developer will work with Team Unwinnable writers to provide background stories, essays and other content detailing the development process in order to enlighten and entertain our readership.

PLAYABLE, a long-time goal for Unwinnable.com, is the first step in a far-reaching project that will also include physical anthology collections and public exhibitions. Influenced by Pippin Barr’s browser games, PLAYABLE’s objective is to create an environment to stimulate greater conversation about videogames as a medium while establishing a vehicle to examine the mostly-unexplored craft of game development, in a way no other videogame site has ever done.

“There are too many barriers between the people who make videogames and the people who play them. The process of game development remains a mystery,” says editor-in-chief Stu Horvath. “PLAYABLE is our way of changing that.”

PLAYABLE will feature original games from designers across the industry, including:

RICHARD HOFMEIER, Cart Life, winner of the 2013 Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game

PIPPIN BARR, Let’s Play Ancient Greek Punishment

HARRY LEE, Midas, co-organizer of the Lost Levels Unconference

JAKE ELLIOTT, Kentucky Route Zero

ANDY SCHATZ, Monaco, winner of the 2010 Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game

 “PLAYABLE is a way to start important conversations between makers and players – and highlight the narrative of auteur game design,” says Harry Lee.

“Games are inviting – they’re not themselves without a player,” adds Richard Hofmeier. “PLAYABLE seems like a smart way of extending that invitation further.” Furthermore, Pippin Barr says, “I think if PLAYABLE allows more people to see how human the process of making games is, and how possible it is, they might be more inclined to make their own games. That would be excellent.”

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