Best Music for Programmers to Focus

We are sure that you have already visited YouTube and searched for the best music for programmers to focus on, and saw different selections of music there, but for some reason most of them do not help you concentrate in any way. They do not help you do your job better and faster, and it is generally incomprehensible who compiled these lists and what principles compilation was guided by. I’ll tell you a secret, the vast majority of these collections were made completely randomly. And they are simply promoted on the Internet due to a well-optimized title, description, and so on, in order to promote some YouTube music channels. Therefore, today we will talk about how to make your own playlist that will help you in your work on programming tasks or where you can find really high-quality ready-made playlists, and mostly music that will help you concentrate. It has long been proven that sounds greatly affect how our brain works, so do not miss this article.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Music and Focus

First, music helps to concentrate better. You may not know this, but both extremes are bad for our brain, either over-concentration or under-concentration. In different situations, using different types of music, we can return to the state of the desired flow, which characterizes just the necessary golden mean of the level of concentration, in which we can work on the same task for quite a long time without excessive distraction, and without experiencing the hyperfocus problem. Music impacts cognitive processes. There are many studies that show that classical music, in particular the works of Mozart, have a good effect on the ability to solve complex problems. And there is a correlation between successful problem-solving by students who listened to Mozart’s music in the process of solving. But there are studies that contradict this. They say that any well-structured music has this effect. Here we can say for ourselves that it is very important that if you want to tune in to work, it is important how you feel about this kind of music. If you are not concentrated enough, you may need to listen to music that annoys you in everyday life. But if you are hyper-concentrated, then classical music is just right here. It should be light, as, for example, in the works of Debussy and so on.

Ideal Characteristics of Music for Programmers

As you may have guessed, we will not give you any specific playlist that you can download and listen to. You will need to create it yourself. And, as we said, you will need to create two playlists – one for situations when you have overworked and concentrated on some problem so much that you can no longer switch to anything else. This playlist should distract and relax you. The second playlist should be energetic, should partially annoy you, include non-monotonous songs or music without words. All tracks should be randomly shuffled, slow tunes should be followed by fast ones and so on. This will help you raise your level of focus and concentration. Many studies show that repetitive beats also help focus. But at the same time, we conducted a survey, and we know that many people are so annoyed by repetitive music that they can drop out of the process for a long time.

Maybe you yourself noticed when you enter the store and a rhythmic and repetitive melody plays there, while the sound fluctuates louder or quieter, then buyers react differently. Someone strives to leave the store as soon as possible, and does not think about the purchases at all. They just want to ease the tension that has arisen in this case. On the contrary, such music invigorates other buyers, and gives them strength, and raises their concentration. Only you can decide what suits you personally. Even if you don’t have access to any specific playlist, you can try varying the volume of the music and how you listen to it. You can try listening to music with or without headphones, turning the music up or down, and thus rank your brain’s concentration.

Best Genres and Types of Music for Programming

Of course, we understand that you want more specific advice from us. So let’s talk about the specific genres of music that you need to create playlists for programming. The first is classical music. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Wagner – using the works of these composers, you can choose for yourself both very intense and calm compositions. And both short and well-known compositions, and long complex symphonies, like those of Schnittke. The second is electric or ambient music. It charges very well. This is music that is very good to listen to in the morning in order to enter the process of work. The third option is Hip Hop. It’s great music for distraction. If you feel like you’re hyper-focused, and you need to forget about the problem for a while and then come back to it, then Hip-Hop is one of the best choices for this situation. There are a lot of variations such as chill step, downtempo, lofi Hip Hop and other directions. But here, decide according to your taste and experience.

Be sure to try incorporating different music into your programming problem-solving process, because people all over the world use it. Corporations like Google even have special music rooms where you can come and listen to different compositions of excellent quality, and without interfering with others in their work. Even if you have never worked, listening to the music before this time, then be sure to try it. And you will be pleasantly surprised what an effective work assistant it is.


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