Night Sonnet

  • You’re all doomed!


  • A sonnet…

    “I dreamed you were a poem,

    I say, a poem I wanted to show someone…”

    -Adrienne Rich

    While serving my queen, I hardly noticed her.

    I was lost in dreams of Arthur. She came

    to wake me. In bed, she told me, surrender

    your “abject servitude” to regain

    your heart. The smoldering orange fire of dawn

    illuminated her words. Under my cover

    I reached for my vision. It was gone.

    With the familiarity of a lover,

    she removed my blanket. I saw the light

    and her eyes as one fluid brightness.

    I knew that her radiant truth was right.

    My sublime dream-queen fled with the darkness.

    The sun rose. I was in denial.

    But she showed me the day and made me smile.


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