Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 36 – The Anniversary Show

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  • For a year now Unwinnable has been producing quality electronic broadcasts. To celebrate this first year anniversary we bring back to the show¬†Wired Senior Editor Peter Rubin.

    Peter is now a co-host of the Wired Game Life Weekly Podcast and talks about their new show, his move from Brooklyn to San Francisco and his love of Jetpack Joyride. We are also joined by Dave Trainer, who calls in from Austin and discusses Rudy’s Bar-B-Q and the Cathedral of Junk. What Are You Playing? What are we playing? NHL12, Battlefield 3, Rayman Origins, Gotham City Impostors, Pinball Arcade, Triple Town, Saints Row the Third and Temple Run.

    We have a Sports Minute with Peter Rubin discussing collectible sports jerseys and Linsanity. Ken went to Toy Fair again and gets down and dirty with all the latest toys and gadgets. And of course we play some Do You Care?

    Be sure to check out Peter on the Wired’s Game|Life Audio Podcast

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