Alex Winter has Never Heard of iTunes

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Alex Winter, who is famously known to us all as Bill S. Preston, Esq., has announced his plans to direct a movie about Napster. He originally planned a feature film, which was in development for the past 10 years, but shifted to a documentary format instead. Not disheartened by the incredible success of The Social Network, which featured a Napster storyline, Winter is working with VH1 to make his vision a reality.

The Rag can’t help but feel that this project is too late and that Winter should be focusing on what’s more important to our current interests – a new Bill and Ted feature. According to Winter, he and Keanu Reeves have their hands on a script, written by original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, but Winter also made sure to comment that the project was still in its early days. We can only hope that Bill and Ted aren’t in dentures and incontinent by the time filming starts. That would be totally bogus.


Olivia would still love Bill and Ted if they were dentured, incontinent geezers. Just ask her on Twitter @OliviaNoelDavis