Unlistenable Episode 8

  • You’re all doomed!


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    For those of you following at home these are the show notes for the episode!

    Geek Flea!
    Unwinnable collectible pin sets!
    We discuss local artist Rob Roberts, he is an amazing talent, check him out!

    Sword & Sworcery, a cool looking iOS game, and sports games.

    Red Dead Redemption, picking Butterfly Weed for great replay value!

    Gabe Newell fan fiction!
    Duke Nukem is delayed!

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    Tech Watch with Ken and Don!
    Don jailbeaks his PS3 and discusses the ethics of it.

    Star Wars on Blu Ray, the death of George Lucas, and the Lucas Flannel Secret Police.

    Music by: TIM, Rust, Phantom Steed

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