Contra is for Lovers

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Tasked with naming a videogame that’s good for couples to play together, wiser men than I have recommended Bubble Bobble. It is a very adorable game in which two people can play as very adorable dinosaurs, and it’s a co-operative 2-player game, so it gives you an opportunity to work together in harmony! But for my money, the best date game has to be Contra! Sure, the avatars aren’t nearly as cuddly, and the H.R. Giger scenery isn’t very romantic, but it’s all about context: In Contra, you and your partner are tasked with saving the world together! That’s a pretty romantic idea, eh?

Along the way you’ll tour exotic tropical locales…

And marvel at the majesty of a giant waterfall!

Of course, one of the reasons why Bubble Bobble has a reputation as the ultimate lovey game is because of this stage:

But hey, Contra has a big heart too!

I mean yeah, it’s anatomically correct and you’re supposed to shoot at it until it explodes, but it’s a good project for two people to collaborate on: one player can blast away at the pulsating heart while the other takes out the face-hugger things that shoot out of the heart. It’s a great bonding exercise!

So light your Yankee candles, pop open a bottle of Charles Shaw and play Contra with your main squeeze. Just remember to be generous and share those Spread guns.