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Exalted Funeral

It’s Friday! That means the weekend is mere hours away (for most of you anyway) and with that comes even more time to play videogames. Here’s what we’re loading up.

Stu HorvathStu Horvath: My weekend is still some hours away, I got stuck with the late shift tonight, so while you’re out carousing, I will be slaving away until the clock strikes 2:00 AM. If it is slow (I pray that it is) I will be checking out some of Eric Ruth’s games (see the previous post for more on that).

Soon as I’m out, I’m getting to the nearest Xbox 360 and firing up Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (if anyone wants to play online multiplayer, I think I’ve sorted my connection problems). There will be more StarCraft II Sunday night (it’s growing on me) and plenty of arcade fun in Asbury Park at the Silver Ball Museum with Chuck and the lady friends in between.

Michael SheridanMichael Sheridan: The past week for me has consisted of taking a boat ride through the bay near New Harbor, Maine; chomping down not one but two delicious salmon meals; cooking barbecues; playing mini-golf, and taking in some sun and VERY COLD water at the shore. It’s been one hell of a vacation. And I can say, without hesitation, that I’m looking forward to getting home to play some Red Dead Redemption. I want to strap on my six shooters and blast some bad guys in the name of old fashioned justice…

But, I should note, this is all a prelude to my excitement of playing StarCraft II. Here’s hoping it’s waiting for me back in NYC. [Editor’s Note: hate mail for Sheridan and his tranquil vacation can be sent via the Contact page. The staff of Unwinnable will not rest until your messages are delivered]  

Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: Tonight I will performing with the musical group Shock Mobotta. We dress like what may as well be Mega Man villains. It is wacky and fun. 

I probably won’t get any Catan in this weekend so I recently purchased the iPhone game. It’s almost as much fun as the real thing but people look at me funny on the train when they hear me taunting my electronic players with threats of bodily harm. I have a very bad habit of trash talking when I play head-to-head. Team Fortress 2, of course, even if you only a short period of time, those hats are still not going to get themselves. I recently got the Frontiersman shotgun for the Engineer – I am excited to try that out. I am also sure I will try and schedule some time with Stu to finish Gears of War 2, but the big thing this weekend is going to the Silver Ball Museum of arcade games in Asbury Park, NJ on Sunday. More on that next week.

I am also getting married in October and that in itself is becoming a challenging game in some ways.

btdBee Tee Dee: This weekend I’ll most likely sit down to play some iteration of Advance Wars for five minutes and wind up sitting there for an hour or so. Why’d I go to art school? I was clearly born to be a general.