An image of Aerith in her ponytail and red jacket and white dress kneeling in a small pond surrounded by blue light and water and tree energy is paired with a screenshot from Succession with a young man in suit and white shirt on a boat holding a phone and looking very distressed. A quote between the two reads: "The mechanisms in these two cases are different in many ways, but the effect on the viewer is ultimately the same."

A trio of banksy paintings hanging on a brick wall. A quote below the image reads: "I believe that you will experience the depth of Banksy’s art in a whole new way."

A screenshot from Jusant in a moment of peace, showing a moment of peace for the main character taking a sip of water while their companion has a restful gaze on their small blue face. A quote below the image reads: "Jusant executes climbing mechanics on a higher level compared to any game I’ve ever played, and all with the urgency of real mountaineering."

Roy Scheider as police chief Martin Brody in a scene from Jaws. A quote above the image reads: "Here’s the thing, though: Martin Brody is still a cop, and All Cops Are Bastards (ACAB)."

A screenshot from one of the Whistler movies, with a man in a fedora and a bowtie holding a handgun and looking through a room. A quote below the image reads: "There’s nothing here that’s a forgotten classic or destined to become a new favorite, but it’s nice to have them around."

A screenshot of Plainsong from Horizon Forbidden West and a photo of the ruins of the city of Çatalhöyük are split with a quote: "Imagine a city without streets, a place where homes double as walls and roofing takes the form of a pathway."

Destruction from The Course of Empire by Thomas Cole, 1836. A quote below the image reads: "The world has ended a thousand times before. So, why are we so ready to deny it will again?"

A screenshot from Andor with a large crowd of citizens gathered at a funeral watching a hologram of the final words of the fallen while storm troopers look on. A quote below the image reads: "Remember that even someone who plays the role of a Jedi master of the Rebel Alliance isn’t to be trusted."

The state select screen from Katana Zero, which is the image of an old CRT television on a shelf with a sword and pizza box, with some VHS tapes listed Hotel, Factory, and others that are redacted. A quote below the image reads: "My connection to Katana ZERO is something I shaped; I had to reach out and find the feelings I now see in the game’s story."

Zazen Boys album art showing the four members with sound consoles for heads. A quote below the image reads: "I thought Zazen Boys were done, but Mukai knows that youth is an application of spirit and that this band contains too much booty-shaking energy to be contained."