The famous "You Died" game over screen from Bloodborne, with the victorious enemy seeming to pose for the camera. A quote below the image reads: "Players are punished for dying, but death is also the game’s fundamental mechanic."

A screencap from Skyrim shows Serana and the player character walking along an icy cliff. A quote below the image reads: "It’s easy for people to tell you that life isn’t like a videogame. But what if life is like a videogame?"

Two hands embroider the word "LOVE" on black cloth with white thread. A quote above the image reads: "The casual nature of Twitter allows for a certain level of informality that even among fanfiction is incredibly loose."

A closeup of Resident Evil's Ashley Graham wearing a face mask. A quote below the image reads: "If you’ve stopped wearing a mask, you can start again at any time. And if you’ve been sick once, the best thing you can do for your health is to avoid getting sick twice."

A still from Querelle shows a sailor leaning against a telephone pole as a theatrical sun sets behind him. A quote below the image reads: "With his off-kilter direction, Fassbinder paints a portrait of a Western masculinity which is deeply entrenched in violence and at war with its own desires."

A boy in an orange shirt and blue baseball cap rests on his stomach on a skateboard. A quote below the image reads: "Stories about the cyclical nature of abuse are by no means new, but Minding the Gap approaches it with an honesty and vulnerability that is admirable, to say the least."

A cloaked figure holding a sword gazes across a barren landscape of red fog and blackened soil. A quote above the image reads: "Caelid is a viscerally upsetting reminder that the ability of nature to heal itself should not be taken for granted."

A still of Luthen from Andor, a gray-haired, stoic man leaning against a stone wall. A quote below the image reads: "Andor paints a clear and lucid picture of the absolute power authoritarians can wield over people and how cruel fascism must be in order to preserve that power."

A still from the television show Midnight Mass, featuring a priest in a gold chasuble delivering a sermon. A quote below the image reads: "[R]eligious horror provides a unique opportunity for creatives outside of the cliches we associate with the sub-genre."

The cover of Unwinnable Monthly #161, featuring a solitary brick on a field of white. The magazine itself seems to be floating in space.