A spooky image of inky black leaves bleed across a sepia-toned background. "The Unwinnable Autumnal Subscription Drive" is splashed across the image.

A screenshot from Watch Dogs with main character Aiden in his ball cap and mask holding a gun in one hand and a phone in the other and there are many lines connecting the phone to a crashing police car while newscasters cower nearby. A quote above the image reads: "As Pearce navigates this glitzy world, we are not merely steering a vigilante through the virtual streets of Chicago; we are invited to ponder something more."

A note written on a scrap of parchment seems to float in a black void. A quote inscribed on the image reads: "Like fragments once belonging to larger manuscripts, digital fragments sit in the corners of narratively driven worlds."

Vera Farmigia and Patrick Wilson as Lorraine and Ed Warren record supernatural activity in a scene from The Conjuring. A quote below the image reads: "Ed Warren died in 2006, Lorraine in 2019. So why do we need to talk about them now?"

A shot of a Das Keyboard from above with many of the keycaps pulled off to show the vast array of lights underneath, with extra keys in a box to the side and keypullers below. A quote below the image reads: "Where once Guermeur sought to wipe keyboards clean, now he aims to make every key a gentle whisper, reminding you of what matters most."

The cover of Unwinnable Monthly #169, subtitled Fuck the Warrens. In it, a greyed photo of the Warrens is collaged with a distant spooky house enshrouded in fog.

A laptop rests on a table in front of floral wallpaper. Its screen shows the details to a Zoom meeting. A quote below the image reads: "I wasn’t surprised to be laid off, but I didn’t think it’d happen so soon."

The Nightwings of Pyre stare stoically off into the distance, ready and willing for heroic exploits. A quote below the image reads: "Growth, and struggle, are organic: in its own words, the only failure is to stray from the path."

Milton Bradley's Vampire Hunter, featuring a large glowing tower in the center of the game board. A quote below the image reads: "The real question with a game like this is less 'how is the game' and more 'how does the gimmick work?'"

Photo of a hairy-legged vampire bat by Jose G. Martinez-Fonseca. A quote above the image reads: "To the point, why not more giant bat transformations to really counter werewolves?"