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No Tricks, Only Treats

To celebrate the spookiest time of the year, we’re offering an introductory subscription rate for Unwinnable Monthly, our digital magazine: $2 for the first month, $4.99 every subsequent month.

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Every month, you’ll also receive Exploits, our recommendations magazine – think of it as monthly cultural diary – absolutely free! We’ll even throw in the archive: 19 additional magazines!

You’ll also receive our set of print-and-wear Halloween masks and a printable John Carpenter’s The Thing paper doll set, both by the amazing Thérèse Lanz.

Finally, because we love you and have lots of other cool stuff in our store (like our 75-issue archive of Unwinnable Weekly), use the code HALFOFFEVERYTHING at checkout for 50% off.

Special offer runs through November 1.


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But There’s More!

As more subscribers sign up, you’ll unlock special rewards.

When we hit 25 subscribers, we’ll do an issue of Unwinnable Monthly dedicated to our favorite pastime, eating the rich. Expect that in the first half of 2020.

50 subscribers unlock an ongoing streams dedicated to a live play of the staff playing World Wide Wrestling, a storytelling tabletop RPG about the bombastic pageantry of professional wrestling.

When we hit 75 subscribers, we’ll do an issue of Unwinnable Monthly dedicated to our second favorite pastime, sex. Expect that in the second half of 2020.

100 subscribers unlocks a special publication dedicated to fashion in media – games, KPOP, movies, you name it. That will be a special standalone anthology free for subscribers (release TBD).

Still More!

Tune in to our Twitch channel October 26 and 27 to join us in gabbing, playing games, watching movies, listening to music and having an all around good time.

On Saturday, Unwinnable’s strike team (Sara Clemens, Stu Horvath, Melissa King, Levi Rubeck and David Shimomura) kicks things off with some multiplayer fun in Rainbow Six Siege, The Blackout Club and Dead by Daylight.

After that, Yussef Cole will be playing Observation.

On Sunday, members of the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania team (Sara Clemens, Yussef Cole, Ed Coleman, Stu Horvath and Jeremy Signor) will gather at Unwinnable HQ for a roundtable and a Mystery Science Theater-style screening of the 1942 horror classic Cat People.

Following that, we’ll have a live performance by producer, composer and sound designer 2 Mello.

Finaly, Amanda Hudgins will wrap things up with some Silent Hill.