Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 23

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This week the gang talks about Geek Flea II! Our special guest is man about town Chris Mannix!

What is Geek Flea?

Chris Mannix tells us stories about being an extra in Pan Am, Person of Interest, and Bored to Death. He tells us a story about how Ted Danson sang to him.

Steve Simon Saves His Friend.

Chuck talks about Christmas cards.

John “Hambone” McGuire calls in from Boston to give us the real scoop for Geek Flea.

Babycastles indie arcade, homemade peanut butter, playing Mouse Trap with Dan Imperiale.

We use the Unwinnable Time Machine and go back to see what we thought of the last Geek Flea.

Christina Ricci, a hot girl with a huge head and short arms.

What are you playing?
Blocks That Matter, Gurk, that JRPG baseball game Don likes, Dungeon Siege 3, Darksiders, and Rise of Nightmares.

We play “Do You Care?”
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