Coffee Break Keeps it Real!

While we know you’re all violenty excited for Brink and L.A. Noire to be released next week, remebering your indies is almost important as brushing your teeth. Shawn McGrath has been hard at work promoting and perfecting DYAD, a game that has quickly become one of Unwinnable’s most anticipatd games of 2011. Do yourself (and Shawn) a favor by checking in and seeing how 2011’s Sleeper Pick of the Year is coming along. Oh, and we wrote something about it, too.

Unwinnable Presents: The Best and Worst of PAX East 2011

PAX East 2011 gave Team Unwinnable a lot to look forward to in the world of videogames and geek culture. It also gave us some memorable moments that we won’t -and can’t – soon forget. So much so that if all of it made it to print, let’s just say our readers may think of us in a different light. With that being said, clear your mind [“…and the rest will follow!” Ed.] and in no particular order, here is our list of what we thought was the best and worst of PAX. Enjoy. [Editor’s Note: If we indeed told