The Board Soul: The Magic of Commander

When a game connects with us, we want to inhabit it completely. When a game recognizes this desire, the result is pure magic.

A woman looking straight towards the camear with a tree like crown around her face.

The Board Soul: The Gathering

The Arkham Horror Card Game throws you head first into a strange, ghoul-filled story that’s one of the most immersive experiences for your tabletop.

A man in a round hat and a gun fighting off a large kraken like creature. This is part of the box art for the Arkham HOrror Card game

The Board Soul: Action/Reaction

What would you do if you knew your opponents’ moves before they executed them?

A series of steampunky figures standing in a heroic formation above a indistinct background. This is promotional art for the game Mission: Red Planet.

The Board Soul – Between Two Worlds

Board and video games are from very different worlds. But what happens when the two intermingle?

two large mechs, this is the cover art for the game Adrenaline

The Board Soul – Your Story

We know how play can shape narratives in games, but what happens when the game itself makes you part of its story?

detailed paintings depicting stories from the Arabian Nights, center most is a genie escaping from a lamp. This is the cover art for the game Tales of the Arabian Nights.

The Board Soul – Terraforming Mars Together

Just because you’re competing doesn’t mean you’re not also collaborating.

A series of small pieces and a board with a planet in the center. This is the board game Terraforming Mars.