The Board Soul: Fuck Colonialism

Board gaming’s obsession with romanticizing colonialism is harmful and holding the medium back.

A board for Settlers of Catan.

The Board Soul: Manipulate Fate

Giving luck the finger never felt so good.

red haired man with blue skin and white hair. This is the cover art for the game Sentient.

The Board Soul – Food Wars

Board games can be obsessed with war, but some themes are just as cutthroat.

The box for Food Chain Magnate shown over a board of the game being played.

The Board Soul: Heavier Things

Heavy asymmetric wargames can be intimidating, but exploring their many layers can be extremely rewarding.

Queen Elizabeth 1 looking very serious and stern.

The Board Soul: The Old Shell Game

Sometimes not knowing is half the fun.

A woman with yellow hair and a typical spy get up, with the word "Secrets" in big letters next to her outstretched gun.

The Board Soul: Alone Together

Direct interaction isn’t the only way we affect each other in games.