Unwinnable is now offering ad space.

Unlike most sites, though, we’re not interested in getting ads for weird products served from big companies. Instead, we want to advertise products and projects we enjoy – and since our tastes run small and indie, that means we’re in a position to boost signals that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Above all, we’re looking for partners, not clients.

Most stories on Unwinnable have an offset ad module at the top of the post (314p x 443p, example). These ads are larger than standard internet advertising and are served by an in-house HTML process, meaning they cannot be blocked with ad blockers.

Ads on the site can be purchased for any length of time, either as one of the pool of advertisements, or as an exclusive.

Unwinnable Monthly
Ads are available in our flagship publication, the digital magazine Unwinnable Monthly. Two sizes are available: full page (6”x9”) or half page (6”x4.5”).

Non-Traditional Advertising
Our partnership with Epic, covering the recipients of the Unreal Dev Grants, is one example of fully customized native advertisement. We’re happy to create a tailor made campaign for you.

Get in touch, show us your stuff and let’s spread the word!

Email ads@unwinnable.com with inquiries. Rates are flexible.