The Heavy Pour
Detail of a red brick wall hand-drawn in colored pencil.

What to Do for Dinner

The cover of Unwinnable Monthly #151, which features a decrepit house surrounded by tombstones and ghostly figures.

This column is a reprint from Unwinnable Monthly #151. If you like what you see, grab the magazine for less than ten dollars, or subscribe and get all future magazines for half price.


Three fingers of analysis when two will do.


In two frames drawn in colored pencil, a hand is depicted before and after snapping its fingers in front of a red brick wall. The accompanying poem reads: "Some people make decisions like *that.* Pick up to move cross country. Buy that Harley Davidson. 'Taco Bell' and instant behind 'what should we do for dinner?' A Thanossian drama in a second-long *klik.* I plan so long things leave. But life can take the wind from architects. Kick their ass to curbs. Put them on their back foot. Push them mock them chase them like a mean old cousin. Too fast for plans, go now. Let's go."


Sara Clemens thinks too much about things, generally. They run a site called Videodame and a Twitter called @thesaraclemens.


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