Impossible Landscapes

Have you seen the Yellow Sign? We sure have. This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we tackle the massive new Delta Green campaign Impossible Landscapes (2021). It instantly takes its places as one of the definitive RPG takes on Robert W. Chambers’ infamous King in Yellow, delivering an unprecedented, mind-bending experience — and that’s just reading the book. Playing the campaign is likely something the folks at your table will never forget. A solid gold modern classic.

Stu doesn’t generally care about spoilers but in this case tried to minimize discussing them. Still, if you’re planning on playing this, or think you might down the line, maybe be ready to stick your fingers in your ears while listening.

We’ve also got a new Indie Elevator Pitch! Sadia Bies and Banana Chan pop on to chat about their anthology of live action horror RPGs that tackle themes of suburbia, food and consumption. Coming to Kickstarter soon!

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