Unmissable: Pilot

Hey, we finally have a podcast! Join Unwinnablers Sara Clemens and David Shimomura as they serve up thoughtful takes on pop culture and everything Unwinnable.

For our first episode, the crew talks with Unwinnable honcho Stu Horvath about what Unwinnable is and what the podcast will be before discussing why P.T. is overrated, how the Call of Cthulhu videogame fails and why the new Halloween movie is kind of a let down in the shadow of the series’ legacy. (Yea, we recorded this in October. What of it?)

But before that, David and Sara take on TV, discussing Westworld and the NFL, and debut Ring the Bell, where they reveal their go-to Taco Bell orders.

* * *

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Intro music by George Collazo.

The Unmissable illustration is by Shafer Brown. Follow him on Twitter.

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