The Angst Affairs #15

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Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground


from: Pippin

date: December 3, 2014


Hey Teddy,

Writing this from the crappy internet in Dubai airport. I’m on my way to Brisbane to attend the opening of my very first solo exhibition at the Andrew Baker Gallery there! All very surreal. Journey’s been something like 15 hours so far, so roughly half-way there.

I’m not feeling too angsty about Jostle Parent (though I feel other more general existential angst at the moment, being separated from my wife, Rilla). It’s really coming together kind of OK right now. I have most of the flow of the game from beginning to end, including “endings”. The main thing I need to add back in soon is the child death stuff, which is where I got lost last time. But this time the code base (trying to sound professional) is in way better shape so I don’t foresee big problems. Objective is to have a version out to testers (you included?!) in the next week, say.

I don’t have anything too new visually except that I animated the playground equipment, so here’s a little video of that.

I’m still thinking a lot about your wisdom concerning making the kids a bit more relatable etc., so have been tweaking little bits about their movement behavior to try to emphasize that.

How are you?