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Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground

My Chucks have been Sharpied with the date 2007-08. For me, it was the year I graduated and the first time I wore these shoes. That version of me thought I’d like to know when these shoes were purchased and worn. I was right.

I wore these shoes to GDC this past week, a pair of lightning bolts and some Radio Shack LEDs strapped through the laces.

I Destroyed a Nice Pair of Pants

I had a feeling I had miscalculated halfway through a 23 minute walk to the Moscone Center.

By the time I had a chance to excuse myself to the bathroom, there was a stripe of blood in my underwear and across the bottom of my pants.

I was in the middle of helping set up for Day 1 of our exhibition at one of the most important tech conferences in my industry, surrounded almost exclusively by men, and I had just bled through my pants like a middle-schooler.

Right after the initial thought of “shit,” I immediately thought: You don’t fully realize how much you desire having female peers in tech until you actually bleed through your pants.

When you’re standing in a bathroom, ten minutes from the floor opening and trying to figure out how obvious the bloodstain is and how you’re going to manage to sneak away to get more sanitary pads.

The guys I work with are fantastic. They’re great guys, but at the end of the day they’re guys. I don’t really want them knowing the status of my reproductive system, don’t want to find out if they’re cool with my menstruation. In my experience, people finding out that you’re on your period goes only a few ways, and about 75 percent of those times are just blind panic, with a touch of mild disgust and a face that clearly says they’re trying to forget what they’ve been told.

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