Monster Break

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Exalted Funeral

Whenever I check The Haunted Closet, there’s a good chance I am going to come face-to-face with a piece of my childhood that I had completely forgotten. This time, it is a detailed examination of The Creature Catalog, by Michael Berenstain.

I was recently discussing books of monsters with Friend of Unwinnable Peter Rubin – a mutual enthusiasm for bestiaries in our youths led us both into the clutches of the first edition D&D Monster Manuals. Peter’s love of monsters probably stopped there, but any illustrated book of critters from the ’80s is fine by me. A quick glance at the shelves of my office will confirm that.

On an related note, though I once owned it, I no longer have this one in my surprisingly large collection of illustrated books of critters. You know, in case you do, but don’t want it anymore. And like giving gifts to relative strangers.

Just sayin’.