Top tips and tricks to help you win more rounds with attack and defense in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 is a tactical and sessional shooter, where each match is a new challenge for your team when playing both attack and defense.

You have to carry out assaults and knock out the enemy and defend the planted bomb, and for this, if you defeat the enemy team, you will receive R6 rank boosting.

Speak and discuss tactics

Each match is a new unique event, and you will not be playing it alone, so it is very important to discuss tactics and plans for the game together with the rest of the players, because some people like an aggressive game, while others like a more restrained one, and it is extremely important that Each player performed his role well and played in a comfortable position, and then you will win more rounds and matches and ensure yourself a good rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege.

Operator selection

Each side will have a large selection of agents that can be used during the match, and they will differ in their weapons and additional equipment, which is how players usually make their choice.

This can be a drone and reconnaissance master, a sapper, an attack aircraft, an assistant and a marksman.

Choose agents so that you literally have all positions covered, otherwise you risk losing many rounds simply because you have firepower, but no one can conduct reconnaissance and you have to act blindly every time, although the enemy on the contrary, he knows everything about you.

Coordination and communication

Constantly talk to your team during the assault and defense game, because you will not be able to constantly maintain your tactical plan, and you will always need to make adjustments. For example, you wanted to quickly break through the roof, but it was fortified, and you need to quickly change plans, or you placed defense players at the edges of the building, and the enemy quickly broke through to the bomb, and you urgently need to knock them out of there. Good and timely information about the situation on the map is the key to increasing the number of rounds won and boosting in R6.

Knowledge of maps and route planning

The project from Ubisoft has a fairly limited pool of maps, which is played in ranked mode, so spend time and effort to study the game map, the most convenient routes for attack and defense, and constantly use the knowledge to understand how to act during an assault on special forces and defense when playing as terrorists.

The most important thing is that knowing all the tricks will help you resist similar actions from your opponents, because you will immediately understand what exactly the enemy is doing and what risks need to be counteracted.

Time management

This is not a term from the everyday life of a freelancer, but an important factor that needs to be monitored if you want to increase your rank in Rainbow Six Siege and the higher the level of the division, the more the time factor will play.

The fact is that each match has its own time limit, during which the attack must carry out its assault, otherwise, after time expires, victory will be awarded to the defense.

An attack can use different methods – how to attack at the beginning of the round, focusing on speed, play at an average pace, starting from your opportunities that are created during the game, and the most dangerous format for both sides is playing in the last seconds.

For defense this is dangerous because they are often unaware of the enemy’s plans, and for attack it is risky because they may simply not get to their target in time, but often such decisive attacks change the outcome of rounds and provide a long-awaited change in the score and boosting in R6.


Learn and recognize the most important and common strategies when playing for both sides, and gradually you will be able to repel any attacks simply by understanding what needs to be done in this situation.

For example, an aggressive assault is reflected by initially strengthening potential breakthrough points, and if the enemy loses one or two attack aircraft, then the attack is unlikely to be successful.

Constant reconnaissance during the match will help you avoid running tactics in the last seconds, when you don’t fully know about the enemy’s plans, because as soon as you see their location, you will understand their direction of attack and will be able to strengthen yourself well and meet them with all your might, and reorganize and there will be no time to change tactics. The only thing that is important is to prevent the enemies from destroying your team, so don’t expose yourself.

When playing as an attack, simply distribute your forces and find out the location of the enemies, and if they are all entrenched near the bomb, then mine several directions and burst in from several sides, forcing the enemies to twitch at the targets, you can also create false explosions, and entering from the other side is also enough greatly disorients the enemy.

Strengthening and preparing the site for defense

When you play as terrorists, your bomb will already be activated and your main task will be to prevent it from being cleared and not to allow the entire squad to die during the assault.

When the attack has the task of reconnoitering the territory, the defense will have time to install fortifications and armored plates that cannot be broken by ordinary shots and must be carefully thought out and installed at the most vulnerable points in order to reduce the potential number of points through which the enemy can carry out an assault, because all together you can repel even more enemies if the attack comes from one direction, but if the assault comes from several positions, then the chances decrease.

Essentially, the defenders have an advantage in position, and the attackers have an advantage in the dynamics of the battle.

Operator selection and synergy

It is important which operator you choose for your match, but what is even more valuable is when the selected agents combine perfectly with each other.

You definitely need reconnaissance for any of the teams, because if you don’t see the enemy’s plans, then you will often lose due to blind actions.

You need an agent who can blow up or break barricades, because the defenders will install at least 10 special plates to prevent your assault, and you will not always have the time and opportunity to simply bypass them, and in order to break you must have special skills from your agent.

Holding positions

When playing for defense, you don’t need to kill opponents so much as hold the position and give your allies time to come up to you and help in repelling the attack, and the only thing that is required of you is not to die, but killing enemies is welcome, but be careful, if the enemies quickly pass you, then your allies may not be able to stop them.

Communication and information exchange

Always communicate with the team – where the enemy is, where they are moving, who needs help, and so on.

It is extremely important to convey any, even low-value information to allies, so that each player has a complete picture of the situation in the match, but without fanaticism and flooding, of course.

Sometimes timely information transmitted helps you commit a kill and decide the outcome of a round or even a match, which will have a good effect on your rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege.

Adaptability and flexibility

You will not be able to constantly stand in one place and not change your tactics during the match, or rather, otherwise you simply will not get out of the initial division.

Advanced Strategies and Tactics

You need to think outside the box and constantly come up with new tactics and ideas.

For special forces, this is the need to constantly distribute forces and attack enemies from several sides, otherwise you will have less chance of success.

For terrorists, this is the need to constantly mine all dangerous points and strengthen approaches in order to minimize the number of directions in which special forces can attack you.

Psychological warfare and mind games

Try to always play until the last minute, because often in matches it is not the players themselves and their skills that fight and win, but primarily their mental attitude.

Even if you remain alone from the whole team, you will still have a chance to end the round in your favor, the main thing is to act wisely and carefully, stick to the plan and remember that absolutely any player can be outgunned and beaten.

Analysis and study of matches

Always analyze and analyze your matches, especially unsuccessful ones, but also winning ones.

You need to understand where you made a mistake and why – this will help add more analysis during the game and composure when you shoot well, know how to make decisions and constantly think how to play correctly, and not emotionally, and analysis of games will help you do this like nothing else.

Team cohesion and practice

Constantly play and communicate – this will help you develop the ability to interact correctly with any players and win more often, earning a boost rank in Rainbow Six Siege.

Conclusions that can be drawn after reading this article

R6 is a full-fledged competitive shooter, in order to master which you need not only to be able to shoot and understand the tactics of playing for terrorists and special forces, but also to constantly communicate with allies, learn strategies and new tricks, and of course master new agents.

Constantly dialogue with your allies, do not forget the importance of reconnaissance when playing on both sides and strengthening positions when playing as defense.

Study the game maps and constantly try something new, but do not forget to analyze the results, leaving room for progress on the game map and during boosting in ER6.

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