Features of survival and gameplay that you will love in Division 2

Division 2 is the second part of the project, which will immerse you in the world of the post-apocalypse, when gangs and random bandits have organized in Washington and the military arrives in the zone to regain control of the region.

Your Division 2 boosting will begin at a military base, where you will plan your operations, work with resources and obtained weapons and equipment, go on raids and return from them.

Military operations

All story missions will be expressed in operations that will change the situation in the region and help you better understand the storyline, the reasons for the changes and get boosted into Division 2.

There is one important nuance that you should know – all tasks related to the plot bring a fixed amount of interest to your level, and therefore it is better not to complete them right away, but wait until at least level 10, at which it is much more difficult to earn interest and only than complete military operations.

Search for weapons and equipment

High-quality weapons will not be issued to you initially – they still have to be found during combat sorties.

You will destroy bandits and other military men, and you can get various trophies from everyone.

Weapons and armor will have different ranks and quality levels, and you need to constantly search for better equipment.

They can be of ordinary, non-ordinary, rare, epochal and legendary quality and will differ in their characteristics and appearance in the inventory and on the ground.

The armor must also match the challenges and equipment of other players, otherwise you will quickly die from their damage. This applies to the armor and helmet that you will use for personal protection.

Equipment and weapons can also be crafted if you look for various useful equipment and disassemble unnecessary items at a military base.

Cover system

It is important to remember that in Division 2 all players have the ability to “stick” to cover in order to stick out only part of themselves to attack opponents and not risk their character, and since you will be wearing a helmet and body armor, your chances of survival will be much higher.

Just try not to expose yourself to bullets and always rely on cover in any battles, and then your survival and boosting into Division 2 will be much more effective.

Strengthen your operative

As you gain game levels, you will receive points that can be used to strengthen your character.

To get started, pump in an additional increase in experience to speed up the development of the hero, boost in D2 and get new points.

Next, pump in aiming assistance and additional resources for combat and more trophies when dismantling equipment, and then simply continue your gameplay and hero development at your discretion.

All your equipment will wear out and if you upgrade your field repair skill, you will be able to partially restore your combat effectiveness and continue fighting without losing full protection until you find a new body armor, or retreat from the battlefield.

Outposts and territory control

At each location where you hunt for equipment and look for weapons, you will come across large groups of bandits, especially during military operations, but their number can be reduced if you attack outposts held by non-player characters.

Attacking such a position is not difficult, especially if you have a sniper rifle, but assault weapons will also work.

Shoot all enemies from a distance and then get close and finish off the survivors to make the outpost your zone of control.

This will simplify your boosting into Division 2, reduce the number of gangs in the area, and allow you to generate a supply of materials that can be transported to a military base for crafting or selling.

Remember that over time, enemies may try to regain control of the territory, and you should move there in a timely manner and repel attacks, otherwise you will have to storm this position again, otherwise the number of enemies will increase again.

Conclusions: features in Division 2 that you need to try

Division 2 is another attempt from Ubisoft to deliver its post-apocalypse survival format, where the military confronts bandits who are trying to seize control of the Washington region.

The first part failed due to optimization, but the second received improvements to stabilize the FPS and control hits and new graphics to continue the confrontation.

You will create your character and carry out military operations that are planned at a special base of operations.

Here you will develop your hero and upgrade new skills for points received for game levels and remember that performing combat operations will bring a fixed percentage to any level, and since it is much easier to obtain them in the first stages, it is better to postpone serious tasks for later, to progress faster on more difficult stages.

You will go on combat missions to get yourself weapons and armor, which will help you better fight other players and bandits.

You need to look for quality items that can be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic and Legendary quality for both weapons and defensive gear.

Remember that you will be able to disassemble all unnecessary equipment instead of selling it and use these materials for the future crafting of new weapons and armor.

During battles, be sure to hide in shelters in which you can literally “stick” and hide vulnerable parts of your body and not die in most battles. Covers will help you avoid detection longer and make your shooting more accurate.

When you go hunting for resources, large gangs of bandits may interfere with you, and to simplify your path and task, you can capture outposts, which will reduce their number and help you generate new resources for your hero.

Storming an outpost is not that difficult, especially if you have a good rifle, just shoot everyone you can from a distance, and then go inside and finish off the survivors. Remember that over time, enemies may try to regain control of the outpost, but it is much easier to defend than to attack, because the enemies will be in sight, the main thing is to take positions in time.

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