Rally the Troops

Like Indiana Jones irrationally hates Snakes, I hate being poisoned. The Mirrodin Block of Magic the Gathering is chock full of creatures with “Infect” (This creature deals damage in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters) and I am constantly being killed by these creatures. Constantly. So needless to say, I have been hoping for some kind of “Anti-Venom”, “This Card Removes Poison Counters” or “Penicillin” to show up in Mirrodin Besieged and much to my chagrin, such cards did not appear. Instead of that we got “Battle Cry” which gives other attacking

Gaming in the Raw: CrimeCraft Episode 1

In the latest Massive article, I spewed my impressions of the shooter MMO CrimeCraft: Bleedout. While my feelings on the game were decidedly mixed, there’s no denying that enjoyment can be found while running around wasting people while wearing high heels and short shorts. Gaming in the Raw captures my initial reactions to playing a game I know nothing about and in this episode I’m really out of my element. Check out my mad sharpshooter skillz (read noob) as I try to scrape out a meager existence in the brutal streets of Sunrise City. 

Winter Never Changes

Winter The seemingly endless months of January and February have the unique distinction of being the most boring time of the year for videogames. The big rush of the Fall and Christmas seasons have long passed. We are now left with a faint memory of triple-A title releases as we all hold fast till the first one drops in 2011. However, there is always that one game that is released in the winter that everyone thinks is the best game ever. Last year was Mass Effect 2. Critics exploded with delight with the idea of another BioWare game. Granted, what