A Date To Remember Part 2: Schizophrenia Should Not Be Ignored

Previously on Unwinnable, Kevin got into a shopping cart crash, met a beautiful lady and the went to dinner. She really liked comparing Friends to the Bible…. Now, onto Part 2! (RED FLAG #6: Verbal diarrhea cannot be cured with Imodium… or Wine.) To be honest, I was really lost as to what she was talking about until she, thankfully, asked me a question: “So tell me about your family.” Excited to finally speak, I began: “Well, I have one brother–” Interrupting, Jennifer exclaimed, “–I have a brother! My parents love my brother. My sisters love my brother. My ex-boyfriends

Massive: CrimeCraft Doesn’t Pay

“We got exactly what we deserved. We hooked everything up to a dying mule.  Built a world economy on an obsolete fuel source we knew wouldn’t last. It all came crashing down around our heads faster than any of us could react. That was 10 years ago. You can either be a victim or you can fight back.” CrimeCraft (CC) is an MMO that is described by its developers (Vogster Entertainment) as a persistent world next-gen shooter or “PWNS.” It was released in August of 2010 to spotty reviews and has, despite the odds, managed to survive among throngs of