A Split Subject: Coming To Terms With Artificial Intelligence (In Brief)

HAL is real, and it plays Jeopardy! In an interesting competitive twist, the legendary quiz show featured “Watson,” an IBM supercomputer possessing the ability to understand and process natural language, facing off against past Jeopardy! icons Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. The computer won. Although this is by no means a sign of the end times, Ken Jennings was closer to the truth than he may believe when he joked “I for one welcome our new computer overlords.” Perhaps he shouldn’t be so hasty.

A Date To Remember Part 2: Schizophrenia Should Not Be Ignored

Previously on Unwinnable, Kevin got into a shopping cart crash, met a beautiful lady and the went to dinner. She really liked comparing Friends to the Bible…. Now, onto Part 2! (RED FLAG #6: Verbal diarrhea cannot be cured with Imodium… or Wine.) To be honest, I was really lost as to what she was talking about until she, thankfully, asked me a question: “So tell me about your family.” Excited to finally speak, I began: “Well, I have one brother–” Interrupting, Jennifer exclaimed, “–I have a brother! My parents love my brother. My sisters love my brother. My ex-boyfriends