a few long limbed black oil monster mimics crawl through a sci-fi space in this concept art from Prey

I’m Scared of Everything Now

Prey tries to do a lot of things. There’s crafting, audio logs, zero gravity, and a mysterious corporation. It doesn’t, however, pull all of those things off. The game does a poor job communicating how and why to craft. The zero gravity sections vary between excellent and tedious. And in the year of Lord Sauron 2017 it feels like every game has some version of Weyland-Yutani. But Prey’s Mimics are perhaps the perfect enemy. A mimic could be anything. That coffee mug, that bench, a trash can. If you walk into a room and a piece of furniture jiggles that’s

A man in a white suit is kicking another man in a brown bomber jacket in front of a crowd of people. This is a still from the game Yakuza

The Road to Hell is Paved in Remasters

“This makes me want to set myself on fire,” Stu Horvath immediately replied after I sent him a 9-minute video of the LocoRoco remaster. That might have been a smidge of an overreaction but there is one specific aspect of the news that makes me want to vomit: the “remaster” part. There’s no reason that the (excellent) 2006 PSP exclusive needed to be “remastered.” Yes, this underplayed gem should be made available for more people to play. However, what about this game needed to be “remastered” for 4K? No part. In fact, as more and more games from the early 2000s