Two Weird Ideas for MMOs

There’s no conversation more boring than the one that hashes out what’s wrong with massively multiplayer online games. Everybody has an opinion, based mostly on having played one or two or a shit-ton. I tend to take these game design critiques with a dump truck of salt. Gamers only know what they want. And often that desire is what makes the game fun. Designers, on the other hand, I am terribly interested in how they think they can save the MMO. Back in 2007, I went to a conference for independent MMO designers. I was somewhat amazed to meet a

Don’t Speak

Gus Mastrapa would prefer it if you kept very, very quiet.

Good and Evil I Have Done

Gus Mastrapa shares tales of good done in Ultima Online and regrettable evil spread in real life.

Massive: Origins Part 2

Richie Procopio continues his examination of the origins of the MMO by breaking down World of Warcraft’s massive success.

World of Warcraft

Massive: Origins Part 1

Richie Procopio explores the origins of the MMO genre and its impact on the gaming community.

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