Just Another TIE in the Death Star

The massive laser-based Battlefront II experience is not unlike kindergarten soccer.

A black clad stormtrooper, flanked by Darth Maul and Rey.

The Architecture of a Generic Star Wars Planet

What makes a Star Wars building feel like a Star Wars building?

Burnt Offering – Unpopular Opinions

All my unpopular opinions, gathered in one convenient place.

The Thrill of Hopelessness

Rogue One allowed us to revel in the oppressive power of the Empire in a way the original films never had. I wish Halo: ODST had done the same.

Bringing Back The Dead In Films

Just because we have the technology to do this doesn’t mean we have to do it.

Duel of the Fates

Star Wars: Destiny may very well be the game that gets me back into collectible card games.