Where Are All The Weird Sports Games?

The Rocket League recipe is one that can birth dozens of other games that can be accessible to people who are put off by the self-serious esports scene.

Cheating My Way to the Super Bowl: The Joy of Exploiting Sports Games

Sports games may present themselves as simulators for super fans, but that’s why breaking them is so much fun.

Hate to Lose, Love to Win

“Our feelings about loss and failure tend to become more complicated when we begin to add in identity and social inclusion (or exclusion).”

Assumptive Weakness in Competitive Gaming

“He is a literal god,” exclaimed the eSports announcer with abandon about a particularly good Rocket League player.

Anger Management

Asura’s Wrath hates everyone and everything. This is a very good thing.

Rookie of the Year: The Ultimate Pissing Contest

The Rookie of the Year challenges his Unwinnable comrades to a showdown at the urinals.