Dinner Gear

“I need to tell you something” says David, pulling me aside as I move to leave the bar. “A way by force.” “What?” I ask. “A way by force,” he repeats, spoken with a hint of the dry bark of the iconic character he voices in one of gaming’s most popular series. “It’s our family motto. We’re probably related, so I want you to know it.” In the dim, boozy light of this comedy club basement, I half-imagine seeing an eye patch-shaped shadow strewn across half his face. He is, after all, David Hayter – the voice of Solid Snake,

This is Not Your World: An Essay in Two Parts

I. I’ve been reading a lot of critic Susan Sontag’s early essays of late. I’ve been motivated by a desire to have my own approach to criticism influenced more by that of other critics, and I’ve been influenced heavily in the way Sontag takes a work of art at face value. Explicit in her essays from the late ’60s, “Against Interpretation” and “On Style,” and implicit in the rest of her writing, is this refusal to separate an artwork’s “form” from its “content.” That is, she refuses to separate an artwork into what it “is” (a canvas, brushstrokes, colors, frame),

The Abyss Stares Back

Can a gaming pacifist come to terms with killing for fun?

The Anti-Metal Gear

Mike Spitalieri examines the implications of Metal Gear Rising‘s new series violence.

Evasion Mode – Kojima Fails To Impress With Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection

David Maiocchi gets stealthy with the new Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection but ultimately finds the release disappointing.