Halo, Southpaw and the Left Hand Path

Gus Mastrapa draws a tenuous line between left-handed controls for videogames and the Church of Satan. Will you follow him down that path?

The IGF is Just Fine – You’re the Problem

Jenn Frank takes issue with recent criticism of the IGF and explains why you shouldn’t fight the people who love you. Hint: it’s because they love you.

The Devil Inside

Ian Gonzales discusses loss of self and The Exorcist.

The Devil and the D20

Tim Mucci, the Tabletop Wizard, delves into the alleged sinister and soul-stealing effects of Dungeons & Dragons.

Unmixable: The Devil’s Playground

Kursse returns to Unmixable with a dark mix inspired by Satan. No one is safe.

Favorite Satans: Top Depictions of the Devil in Movies

Ed Coleman takes a humorous look at portrayals of the Devil in film.