Oh, RoboCop

For your entertainment: Charles Francis Moran VI collects the strangest videos of RoboCop to be found on the Internet.

RoboChrist and Space Jesus

In honor of Unwinnable’s Robocop Week, Gus Mastrapa finds a way to link the work of Paul Verhoeven, Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard and Jesus Christ.

The Dusty Hoard – RoboCop 2: The Official Movie Adaptation

Ian Gonzales takes a break from shooting Nuke to reread RoboCop 2: The Official Movie Adaptation.

Serve the Public Trust, Protect the Innocent, Look Badass

Detroit’s own Dan Apczynski talks to Brandon Walley of the Imagination Station about the status of Detroit’s RoboCop memorial statue.

Brand MillerCop

Mike Edwards ponders one of life’s greatest mysteries: Could there have been better RoboCop sequels?

RoboCop Reboot? It’s Been Done.

Bee Tee Dee determines that RoboCop’s spiritual successor already exists.