Playing Should be Replaying

We need to replay games in the same way we reread books. We need to be reminded of their value and revisit them with the intellectual baggage of everything we’ve played since.

Far Lands

Timothy Hughes ponders the allure of gaming’s forbidden “Far Lands”.

Rookie of the Year: Please Tell Me How To Spend My Money

The Rookie of the Year wants YOU to tell him what to get with his GameStop gift card.

A Jumps B Shoots: Episode 8

We open the vaults over and dig out Episode 8 – review scores, MetaCritic and Sword & Sworcery.

Rookie of the Year: I Am a Deadbeat Gamer

The Rookie of the Year has been playing a lot of videogames. And not finishing them.

Friendly Fire

Chris Dahlen plays some couch co-op with his kid. It’s a bit of a love/hate affair.