Magikarp Jump is the Best of Nintendo Mobile

And its brilliant. It’s just simple, unintelligent fun with no remorse for itself.

A Magikarp on the ground next to the boots of a blue clad character in a red hat. This is a stlll from the game Magikarp jump.

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A dispatch from the front lines of holiday game shopping.

The Robo-Animal Circus Grand Prix

“As for the wacky robotic-animals-as-stunt-performers premise of Excitebots: Trick Racing? It’s on its own plane.”

How to Make Me Snap in Metroid Prime Federation Force

Nintendo fails to include effective team communication in it’s latest multiplayer offering.

A Less-Than-Sunny Press Release from the Nintendo of 2020

It’s less of a good time to be Nintendo, here in the year 2020.