Obduction Is A Game For Cartographers

Bridges, shortcuts, looping paths–Obduction is all about finding the connections in a mysterious alien world.

Verse and Controller

J. Stephen Addcox examines the importance of poetry in videogames like Gone Home, Ni No Kuni, Skyrim and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

You’ll Figure it Out

The last day at home before traveling to a conference is the worst. I fret over my luggage. I regret booking the trip at all. It is too expensive. It is too long. It is going to be a disaster. Surely it cannot possibly be as amazing as last year. I should cancel it entirely, but I am expected. People are relying on me. So I go.

A Tour of the World

Tim Mucci takes us to some of the strangest cities around the globe with a little help from a fantastical travel guide.

Blind Spot

Gus Mastrapa has always loved games. Except when he couldn’t afford to.

E for Everyone

Richard Clark learns about gaming inclusiveness at the Smithsonian’s Art of Video Games exhibit.