The Tangled Mess that is Dishonored’s Morality

There are many instances where the storyline and mechanics fumble the more complicated morality system, but what confuses it the most is the fact that the protagonist is fundamentally a black-and-white character.

Corvo stands in front of a large full moon, holding out a long blade as he stands firmly on a thin ledge. Inside the orange lit room is well dressed man, not noticing him and to Corvo's left are a series of robots. This is a desktop wallpaper promotional image for Dishonored.

Backlog – Jack in Purgatory

No matter how many fall to Samurai Jack’s blade, his robes always stay clean and white.

We Need a Real Nemesis System

“What if any game forced you to own up to the potentially thousands of people you may have wronged?”

Good & Evil Issue – Theme Recap

The theme of our April issue is Good & Evil, ranging from Nathan Drake to the Punisher.

Holy Totalitarianism, Batman!

“Arkham Knight has no basis of morality, no balance. That’s the problem.” Matt Paprocki reveals the terror fighting terror, the Batman in Arkham Knight.

Who Watches the Watcher

How does our sense of morality change when we are being watched? And what happens when we take the watchers away? Jill Scharr investigates.