Happiness Volume 2, “A Lovely Monstrosity”

“The horrors in Happiness accumulate slowly…”

I <3 Monster Hunter

“So how can Monster Hunter be accessible if it’s so inaccessible? Options.” Rob Rich expounds on his love for Monster Hunter.

Blood Blockade Battlefront, or “Fight Nights, Blood City”

“What Nightow understands is that New York City is a kind of barely contained chaos bursting with wild energy and implicit violence.”

Unhinging the Familiar

Shin Godzilla finally puts the horror back into the iconic kaiju.

Monster Issue – Theme Recap

Sink your fangs into excerpts from all the theme stories in the Unwinnable Monsters issue.

They Could be Monsters, For All You Know

Scores of neighborhood children circle an object on their bikes in the late afternoon sun, chanting as they pelt it with rocks and sticks. When they scatter and dart past you, their grins seem impossibly thin and wide. Were those extra teeth?