The Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 116: Nerf the Crusader

Can you hadouken with Episode 116 of The Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser? Put on your power armor and get into it!

Lost Worlds: A.L.T.

Somewhere lost in a subworld of a subworld, a strange little bastard child of a game exists called A.L.T., a Doom II mod released in 2012 by a group of Russian modders known as Clan [B0S]. A.L.T. begins with the peculiar sight of a bloodied Doom marine in front of a door, frozen in the middle of a dying animation. A whole 30 maps later it ends with the player coming back out the other side of that door as that marine and dying. But here, in our pre-awakened state, moving causes you to abruptly take damage, and turning around

Alien Swarm: “You Always were an Asshole, Gorman”

Killing aliens is always fun and, at its core, that is what Alien Swarm is all about. It tells the familiar story of aliens overrunning some far off colony and, of course, no one can stop them except you, your team and a whole lot of firepower.